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​Esther House Thrift Store financially supports the Esther House Ministry. Esther House Ministry is an outreach ministry of Harvest Word Ministries of Zebulon, NC, where the pastors are Apostle Hattie Stancil, and Pastor Larry Stancil. The Esther House Ministry began in 2007 and was founded by Apostle Stancil and Minister Shirley Harrington. The general purpose of Esther House is to provide a safe and wisdom building place for women to live, who have encountered hard times, to get back on their feet. It allows for a second chance to regain their stability, economically and emotionally. This is done by providing a community home for the women to live in.
  The women share in the responsibility of the upkeep of the home in the way contributing to household expenses, supplies, meal preparation and other tasks of maintaining a home. Along with other requirements, the ladies must devise goals, with assistance of Director, Shirley Harrington, to help them become independent within a year or so.
  Living in the home, provides access to spiritual counseling, learning how to budget, how to maintain a home, and in general, whatever is needed to prevent the women from migrating back to the situations from which they have successfully, come out of, with the assistance of the Esther House ministry. 
  Esther House Thrift Store proceeds directly support any needs of the home that cannot be covered by the current residents. Thank you for your support.

124 North Pine Street
Spring Hope, NC 27882​

Store Hours:
Tuesday - Friday:  11:30 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday:  12:30 pm to 5:30 pm

  Donations are needed and accepted.

  Come visit and purchase great used clothing and other items.

  For drop off please call:
  Deaconess Mary Raynor @919-818-2305
  Brother Michael Raynor @ 919- 818-5877